About us

Idea of Smartcollar tag was born from real life case that we believe many of pet owners have experienced at least once. Our super curious house cat named Twister run away from apartment terrace! We searched for him all round the neighborhood but with no result. Fortunately, after having his night of freedom he came back. However, after this incident we started looking for a solution in case he would run away or get lost again.

After trying out different products that can be purchased in every pet supplies shop, and finding nothing that our Twister would be happy and comfortable to wear, we came up with a combination of wooden tag and NFC chip.

Every Smartcollar tag is handcrafted from fine walnut wood with a special attention to details and quality.

Incorporated compact NCF chip at its place makes the tag functional. It is completely not harmful for animals and can store a good deal of information. Today we propose 3 Smartcollar tag alternatives: a classic one with phonenumber and name engraved on the tag, or with owner’s vcard that contains main contact data or a website for your pet.

Aaron Andreis