Would you like to give your beloved pet something unique?

Smartcollar is what you need!

Smartcollar is an intelligent ID Tag for your four-legged that will help to nourish your friendship!

It is completely customizable: you can choose the name and the icon to be engraved!

But it is not the end of the story! By scanning Smartcollar with the smartphone it is immediately possible to see owner's data and inform him/her about the found animal. If you ever should lose your beloved pet, it will very soon return to you.

Give your pet a Smartcollar!

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Smartcollar, an intelligent ID Tag!

How does it work

Attach the ID Tag to the collar of your four-legged friend. Should it ever get lost, it will be easy to get your data and bring it back to you!

For more details have a look at our video tutorial

How to enable NFC on your Smartphone

How to save and modify your data on Smartcollar

How to activate and to implement the website

Order Smartcollar today! You and your pet will be always together!

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How is the Smartcollar being manufactured?

Smartcollar is produced in South Tyrol in collaboration with GWB, an association that helps to integrate disabled people

Why buy Smartcollar?

You and your friend will be inseparable! And if it ever gets lost, it will quickly return back to you!

It is completely customizable. You can choose the name and the icon to be engraved. By choosing Smartcollar you will give a truly unique gift to your four-legged friend.

Smartcollar does not need to be charged. Once configured it is ready to use!

It is made of South Tirolian walnut wood, and its production has a low environmental impact.

What are you waiting for?

Give a Smartcollar to your pet. Create a unique design here

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